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Both debt collection agencies and corporations need efficient and cost-effective tools to support the increasingly demanding process of collecting and managing past-due receivables. As the Internet has matured into a mainstream business tool, browser-based debt collection systems now provide a unique way to manage overdue accounts along with the ability to access account receivable information across geographic locations.

The Lariat solution is a browser-based debt collection software tool designed to simplify the management of debt collections and accounts receivables. It provides a wide array of features and functions that can help collection agencies and corporations manage their debt collection accounts.

Lariat is a powerful software solution that integrates all of the tools necessary to streamline your debt collection process. It simplifies collection activity by providing users with a wide range of browser-based management tools. It provides the ability to track accounts, communicate effortlessly and manage the process and results with robust reporting capabilities. Additionally, with its web-based architecture, debt collection agents and corporations have the opportunity to manage accounts regardless of geographic location, allowing those agents to become a virtual extended office. The Lariat solution is designed around using open source architecture so it can be customized to fit an organization's business needs.

Our product, Lariat, is a browser-based debt collection solution that provides agencies and corporations with a wide array of tools to manage collection accounts from any Internet or Intranet connected computer. Lariat comes in two flavors, Lariat-ASP and Lariat-IP. Functionally both products are identical, the only difference in the products is how they are deployed. We go beyond just a web based solution. Lariat-IP is available for purchase while Lariat-ASP is offered as a hosted solution or software as a service. Example: Lariat installed at the company location, Lariat-IP is the choice. Prefer to offload the administration of a server, Lariat-ASP is the choice. We've got the solution to fit your needs.
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